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About "Photos for Humanity"

I established "Photos For Humanity" as a way for me to utilise my photography to contribute to a good cause. I am of Palestinian origin, born and raised in the UK. Unlike me, life for most Palestinians is not comfortable.

Through "Photos for Humanity" I am selling my photographs, in the form of calendars and photo books, with all the profits donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians, a U.K. based and registered charity (Reg. No. 1045315).

The Issues Facing Palestinians

In 1948, 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from or fled their homes at the hands of militant Zionist settlers during the creation of the state of Israel. Hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were emptied of their populations and destroyed. This tragedy is known as the ‘Nakba’ by Palestinians, and heralded decades of occupation, displacement, conflict, and persecution. The Nakba is still lived by Palestinian refugee families still displaced 70 years later, many of whom still live in refugee camps across the region, including Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territory.

During the July war of 1967, Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza, and annexed Palestinian East Jerusalem. For 50 years, Israel’s military occupation has impacted on every aspect of daily life for Palestinians: restricting movement, imposing stressful bureaucratic control, and threatening homes and livelihoods. Palestinians in Gaza have also lived under a decade of stifling blockade and repeated military attack.

In every healthcare system it is essential that care is effective and accessible to the population it serves. But for Palestinians living under occupation or as refugees, this access is often denied by the circumstances in which they live, and the restrictions on their underlying civil and political rights.

About "Medical Aid for Palestinians" (MAP)

MAP's vision is a future where all Palestinians can access an effective, sustainable and locally-led system of healthcare and the full realisation of their rights to health and dignity. 

Through its offices in the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, Lebanon and London, MAP works with trusted and experienced local partners to achieve this vision.

MAP programmes provide access to essential health services and build local knowledge and skills to address local health problems. In times of humanitarian emergency, MAP are ready to respond rapidly with aid and assistance.

MAP is also committed to bearing witness to the injustices caused by occupation, displacement and conflict. MAP speaks out in the UK and internationally to ensure the political and social barriers to Palestinian health and dignity are addressed.

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"The Spirit of Ladakh"


"The Spirit of Ladakh"

A land of jagged, arid mountains, vast valleys, spectacular lakes and rivers. Ladakh is a feast for the senses. Tibetan Buddhist Gompas (monasteries) sit dramatically atop rocky outcrops, surrounded by whitewashed stupas and mani walls. Coloured prayer flags flutter in the wind, radiating their spiritual messages across the mountains. The sounds of chanting Buddhist monks, old and young, is carried on the wind as they spin prayer wheels clockwise to release more merit-making mantras. Old Gompas are full of the smells of burning incense, purifying the atmosphere. The fragrance spreads far and wide, just as a good deed brings benefits to many. As the incense rises and dissolves into the air, it subtly reminds us of the transient nature of existence. Gompa interiors are colourfully awash with the murals and statuary of countless bodhisattvas.

I was privileged to visit Ladakh in August 2014 and was enchanted by the beauty of its nature and its people. Though threatened by a rapidly increasing number of visitors, Ladakh has much to teach the West regarding ecological awareness. Most Ladakhis are cash poor yet their traditional mud brick homesteads are large and virtually self sufficient in fuel and dairy products, organic vegetables, and barley used to make tsampa (roast barley flour) and chhaang (barley beer). Despite the hardships of life the Ladakhis are hospitable and welcoming, always smiling and happy to meet visitors to their ancient land.

Photo Book Details

96 pages of beautiful travel pictures in the Indian Himalayan region of Ladakh. The photographs will give you a wonderful insight into the culture and people of this beautiful place. This 96 page A4 paperback, is printed on high quality glossy paper.


£30 + £5 registered post.

All profits donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians -


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