High Himalayan Pass

My Photography Background

My name is Omar Shamma and my love of photography started when I joined my school photography club, and discovered picture taking, developing and printing. My first camera was a pin-hole camera, which I made out of a shoe box! Later I bought a Kodak Instamatic, spending all my pocket money on film, "Magicube" flashes and prints.

Musical Monks in a monastery in Ladakh

Photography and Travel

During my initial working years my photography was restricted to family events and vacations. Then, as my career took me all over the world, I started to document in pictures the places I visited. This experience allowed me to develop my street and travel photography skills.


Sharing Stories

Now retired, in beautiful Scotland, I am devoting more time to my passion. I hope that through my photographs and books I can share a few stories about my travels and inspire you to take up this fantastic hobby.

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